care plan episiotomy

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Teaching care plan for Perineal care.

1. Knowledge deficit related to episiotomy. 2. Risk for infection related to 2nd degree episiotomy. 3. At risk for pain related to the trauma to perineum, as
Cues. Subjective ♀ minimal lochial discharge verbalized Objective ♀ c firm & contacted uterus ♀ NSD c episiotomy ♀ used single pad for 12 hrs ♀ T = 37°C
L/D Care Plan Help PLEASE - Nursing.

Nursing Care Plan | Nursing Crib

An episiotomy is a surgical incision used to enlarge the vaginal opening to help deliver a baby. Learn more about the reasons for having an episiotomy.
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L/D Care Plan Help PLEASE - Nursing. Nursing Care Plan Constipation - Scribd
All about episiotomy | BabyCenter
  • All about episiotomy | BabyCenter

care plan episiotomy

Teaching care plan for Perineal care. Nursing Care Plan Constipation - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Word Doc (.doc), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online.
Nursing Care Plan - Risk for uterine.
Definition At increased risk for being invaded by pathogenic organisms Related Factors Inadequate primary defense (broken skin, traumatized tissue, Nursing Care Plan Risk.
A nursing care plan outlines the nursing care to be provided to a patient. Care Plan -

care plan episiotomy

Episiotomy - American Pregnancy.
Find out what an episiotomy is and why you might have one during labor and delivery.

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